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What is Plasma Pen?

Fibroblast is a revolutionary method that makes it possible to tighten saggy skin both on the face and on the boday, without surgery.  the skin is the largest organ of the body and its purpose is to protect us from external influence such as abrasion, bacterial entry, and different types of fluids, sun rays, and free radical.  Layers of skin: skin is approx. 0.5-3mm thick depending on whether you are male or female and area of the body.  Skin is divided into three layers, epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis.  There are five different layers of cells in the epidermis.  The thickness of the layers varies from 0.05-1.5mm.  The aging of the skin is caused by loss of elastin and collagen, slower cell renewal and reduced vascular and glandural function.  There is a bi difference between a crease in the skin and a wrinkle or line.  A wrinkle is deeper and borders betweeen the epidermis and dermis which requires a deeper treatment than plasma pen.  A line lies in the epidermis which allows Plasma Pen to reduce the line.

How does it work?

For fine lines and stretch marks we use (5 point technique, for age spots use spray technique. Line technique is used for spots that are raised above the skin. Plasma pen has a tip that converts into an electrostatic puls.  As the tip gets close to the skin, oxygen and nitrogen mix is produced that emits a flash of plasma light.  For 1/10th of a secod, microchannel is opened in the skin and heat from the plasma flash causes excess fluid to vaporize, resulting in an immediate tightening.  The superficial reaction that occurs stimulates the skin's renewal of fibroblasts, which is an important part of the skin's self healing, growth factors, and collagen production.