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Laser Hair Removal

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair

Tired of shaving every day? Wish you never again had to wax? Want to permanently erase unsightly hair? Then you’ve come to the right place. Family & Aesthetic Clinic is the nation’s leader in laser hair removal services. Our laser hair removal treatments are safe and effective for all skin color. At Family & Aesthetic Clinic, laser hair removal is fast, gentle, and safe. The results may vary depending on hormone level and skin type. 

Cutera ND: YAG system hair removal with gold plated copperCooling head has more than ten times the thermal conductivity of sapphire windows. CoolGlide ND:YAG is effective for all skin types.

When used for hair removal, 1064 nm laser energy is selectively absorbed by melanin in the hair follicle and shaft, resulting in selective destruction of the hair structure without damaging the epidermis or surrounding tissue.

Because that laser energy is absorbed by melanin in the epidermis, as well as by the desired target structures, the epidermal-cooling feature integrated in the hand piece is used to reduce the temperature rise in the epidermis.

The Xeo series of systems give the user the flexibility to adjust key parameters. Pulse width and fluence parameters can be adjusted based on target size, skin type and tan, if present.

Candela Gentlelase Mini: The candela gentlelase mini is one of the best hair removal systems.  The cosmetic laser machine provides permanent hair reduction via an alexandrite laser head which is perfect for skin types 1-11.  This mini GentleLASE is fast, versatile and very easy to use when working on patients.  The compatibility of the machine is remarkable.  This medical laser machine offers patients treatments with no downtime and is noninvasive.  

Type: Flashlamp excited long-pulse Alexandrite laser. The GentleLase is a 755nm alexadrite laser making it Candela's best hair reduction laser, it provides fast treatments which are comfortable, effective and almost painless.  

Recent research has been done using the Candela  GentleLase laser in the treatment of unwanted hairs.  Human hairs shfts have significant nunbers of pigment cells.  Because of this, they are very sensitive to the wave length of light that is emitted from the Candela GentleLase Laser.  The specific type of laser that is used for hair removal is called the free-rimmomg ;aser amd os specifically adjusted to take advantage of the colletion of pigment cells in the hair shaft.  

The Candela GentleLase admits a pulse of light tha penetrates the skin to a depth of approximately one-eighth of an inch.  The light heats up pigment in the skin and specifically heats up those areas such as hair folicles that have large numbers of pigment cells.  The heating of the cells destroys the hair follicle in a very specific way.  As a result, the normal tissue surrounding the hair follicle is hardly affected.  

What are the possible side effects of this tretment?  The most common side effects of this proceudre are:

  • Discomfort- some people feel some discomfort during treatments. Clients/patients typically report feeling a very short, mild sting on the exposed area.
  • Pigment Change- Because this laser is specific for pigment cells, the area may heal with either dcreased or increased pigmentation or color.  It is possible that a patient may develop light or dark areas.  It is very important to adequately protect the area treated from expousure to the sun.
  • Excessive Redness and Swelling- After the treatment, especially in sensitive aras such as the lips, chin and ears, tissue may swell.  The swelling usually subsides over time.
  • Bruising- Treatment may cause a blue-purple bruise in the area.  As it fades, there may be rust-brown discoloration of the skin.

How many treatments are necessary? Depending upon the area of the body that is treated, multiple treatments are often necessary. In the areas around te face where hair growth is rapid, treatment is usually down in tow to three cycles to be determined based on your particular hair growth.  Other areas usually take two to three treatment cycles that may range upwards of one to two months.

Is the hair removal permanent? The hair removal process is a reduction of hair and not a complete or permanent removal.  Studies in Israel and Sweden show that the hair removal can last upwards of six to nine months or greater, but at this point it is unknown how long the hair removal will last.  With multiple cycle treatments, hair removal can be extended and, in the future, may even be permanent.  In a recent 15-month clinical study, very satisfactory results were obtained (90% reduction in hair growth with multiple treatments), although a few resistant hairs may grow erratically.

Are my results guaranteed? No. Most patients will require mulitple sessions.  However, some patients may be resistant to treatment and optiomal results may not include clearing of th hairs.  At present, no laser system can guarantee permanent results.

What is the potential benefits of this treatment?  The most obvious benefit is simple, relatively painless treatment of unwanted hairs.  In some cases, this could mean long-term removal of the hair with little or no effect on the overlying skin.  It is especially useful on large areas of the body that have been time and cost prohibitive in the past iwth conventional electrolysis.  it should be noted that unwanted hair is cosmetic in nature an poses no medical threat and will be treated as a cosmetic condition.