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Our mission of the HCG diet is to bring to our customers most accurate, and up to date information on the HCG diet.

Being overweight is not your fault, is a clinical disorder via capacity of hypothalamus gland to accumulate fat above daily requirement. Hypothalamus is the responsible organ for obesity. The optimum result varies individually.

What is HCG: HCG is human chorionic gonadotropic manufacture in large quantities during pregnancy.

Dr. A.T.W. Simeon an endocrinologist first report on use of HCG for management of obesity was reported in 1954. He hypothesized if HCG was combined with low calorie diet, overweight people could reduce weight and abnormal fat.

Dr. Simeon research concluded that people can tolerate very low calorie diet without headaches, irritability, and weakness with significant fat reduction and better muscle mass retention without food craving, and effective maintenance of weight.

Dr. Simeon researches uphold the validity and efficacy of the HCG Diet through clinical observations and data collection from both consumers and professionals.

Obesity: The accumulation of abnormal fat is what overweight people suffer. Dieting causes a person to feel starved and tired, face becomes tired and fatigued, miserable. Dieters are accused of cheating, lack of will power. Dieters get frustrated and mostly stop dieting.

Obesity is a typical clinical disorder characterized by the capacity of hypothalamus gland to accumulate fat.

How HCG works: HCG provides same, reliable, effective method for obesity treatment faster result and longer lasting result. Fat lose would be at the expense of adipose tissue and not lean mass of muscle.

This diet has no need for calorie diet or complicated shopping list; it is a simple healthy habit diet.

Based on never-before-seen results, dieting with HCG is sweeping the nation and changing the way many people are losing weight.

HCG dieters report better weight loss results compared to other methods they have tried.

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The HCG Diet is a very serious, restrictive diet and should NOT be followed without the direct supervision of a Health Care Professional adequately trained about the HCG Diet.