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Metabolic Detoxification Through Nutrition

Lymph Nodes

* The lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped pockets spread along the lymph network almost everywhere from your nose to your knees. Once a particular pathogen is detected, lymph nodes help customizes antibodies to neutralize it.

 The body’s lymphatic system works closely with other body systems to perform the following functions:

 1. Aids the immune system in destroying pathogens and filtering waste.

 2. removes excess fluid, waste, debris, dead blood cells, pathogens and toxins from cells.

 3. works with the circulatory system to deliver nutrients, oxygen and hormones from the blood to the cells that make up the tissue of the body.

 4. Creates important protein molecules by cells in the tissue and since they are too large to enter the capillaries of the circulatory system, they are transported by the lymph into the bloodstream.

The importance of the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system does not have a pump and can only flow as a result of walking, running, exercising, exfoliation, and dry brushing. We have to move to force it to flow.

The Flow of Lymph Fluid

* The lymph system’s primary function is to isolate infection and cellular debris from the rest of the body. There may be pathogens or antigens present that create an immune response, leaving dead cells and perhaps live infection. Vascular fluid and waste – and hopefully all of the live infection- are picked up by tiny lymph vessels. This process is happening all over the body all the time.

* If the lymph system gets blocked or overrun (due to illness, surgery, toxic overload or lack of activity), lymph fluid backs up. This can cause swelling, joint pain, nausea, and fatigue. Stagnant lymph may be stored within nodes for a long period of time but eventually becomes too toxic for the body to handle well.

7- Day Detox Cleanse (Packets)

Each packet in the 7-Day Detox Cleanse contains 10 capsules and 2 soft gels – making it a VERY comprehensive system. Each packet is multi-functional and designed to cleanse, repair and nourish the colon, all at the same time. It is one of the best colon products in the market because it is designed, as well as supporting effective detoxification. It is designed to reduce the amount of parasitic fungus and bacteria, as well as supporting effective detoxification. It is loaded with good fiber that also helps absorb and remove toxic waste.


* Take one packet mid-morning and 1 packet at bedtime, plus detox drops every day.


Important Tips for Establishing Intestinal Health:

* Eat slowly and chew food well

* Eat in a calm environment

* Avoid eating on-the-go or in a vehicle

* Eat mindfully and not in front of TV or computer

* Avoid over-eating to the point of discomfort

* Eat with friends and family

* Choose frequent meals and snacks

* Avoid highly refined and processed foods.

30 Day Detox Includes:

* Body brush, day body scrub, citrus body wash and detox drops, liquid ionic trace minerals, and intesti-plex plus.

  Benefits of concentrated citrus body wash

* Lemon, orange, grapefruit and tangerine essential oils stimulate lymphatic flow and increase effective movement of toxins in the lymph system

* Juniper and cypress oils work as a gentle diuretic to assist in the toxic fluid removal

* Free of parabens

* Free of synthetic-fragrances – aromas are forms of natural essentials oils only

* Free of sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate

* An over-all body wash that is good for the body

Benefits of Dry Body Brushing & Exfoliating Gloves

* Removes dead skin layers

* Stimulates circulation

Removes dead skin layers

* Cleanses the lymphatic system

* Assist in cellulite deposit reduction

* Assists in tightening the skin to decrease premature aging

* Help tone the muscles

* Increase cell renewal

* Helps balance hormones and oil-producing glands

* Strengths immune system

* Improves the function of the nervous system

* Aids in digestion

* Easy, inexpensive and invigorating

* Easy to use

* Removes surface dead skin

* Allows for better detoxification after dead skin removal

* Improves circulation

* Reduces aging of the skin

* Leaves skin soft and glowing

Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals

Minerals are essential for the basic functions of the human body to take place. They help control bone growth, regulate fluids, normalize nerve and muscle functions, keep up metabolism, grow connective tissue, and so much more. The minerals in the kit are in a concentrated liquid ionic trace mineral complex that:

* Provide 72 of the most important trace minerals needed in the body

* Are in an “ionic” form for easy cell absorption

* Are liquid making it easy to use

* Can be added to water or food

Liquid Detox Drops

As we mentioned before, one of the most important factors in losing weight and promoting good health is effective detoxification of man-made chemicals. People often do not understand the correlation in chemicals and stores toxins and their inability to lose weight.

Remember, since we live in a world with so many of these environmental chemicals, it is estimated the average American is exposed to over 6500 chemicals on any given day and people are faced with how to effectively eliminate them from their body. The chemicals end up getting stored in the deep fat and contribute to ‘toxic stored fat’ and being overweight.

 Liquid toxic drop is a natural, homeopathic total body detoxification remedy that provides homeopathic drainage of excretory pathways and detoxification of organ systems and is designed to support better detoxification of the entire body.

* Supports better detoxification

* Supports better weight loss by removing toxins

* Eliminates need for multiple detox products

* Fat stores toxins and they really need to be removed

Intesti-Plex Plus

This is an excellent product to support a health intestinal system. Keeping the intestines working properly and efficiently is important and daily cleansing, repair and nourishing of the colon are an integral part of over all good health. The intestinal system harbors around 15 pounds of bacteria. Some are friendly, some are not.

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