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Weight Loss Transformation

Body Lotion:

$34.00 Anti-oxidant protection, used to help detox & burn fat

Energy 8:

$68.00 Fights Fatigue, supports those who are TIRED

Super Min-Plex:

$54.00 To supply body with mineral & balance electrolytes and blood sugar

HCG Drops:

$80.00 fight fat, hunger, and emotional eating

Intesti- Plex:

colon support, reduces parasitic infections-fungus & yeast, improves bowel


Detox Drops:

helps balance eliminative organs and channels, tonifies organs muscles.

Citrus Body Wash:

6 natural essential oils, supports lymphatic drainage, removal of toxins

Liquid Ionic Trace Mineral:

provide essential trace mineral 20-40 drop/gallon, detoxification

Fruit Inside Heart Measuring Tape