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Microneedling is he procedure that has been around for decades, it has recently become a media darling.

Perhaps the best explanation for the increased popularity of medical microneedling is the growing number of patients seeking affordable skincare treatments that offer visible results—a micro-needling session typically costs about a quarter of what patients pay per laser treatment.

“One of the disadvantages of medical microneedling is that patients often confuse it with roller-type microneedling employed by estheticians. Medical microneedling devices do not employ rollers; instead they feature a motor that rapidly applies a needle configuration in a stamping fashion to the skin. Practitioners can vary the speed and depth of penetration.

Our experience with microneedling is that it is a powerful tool for skin rejuvenation, particularly for the face, and especially in conjunction with PRP. It smooths fine scars, helps with discolorations, is moderately effective for skin tightening and is potent for adding luminosity. It helps—but does not remove—most wrinkles, and appears to be useful for pore size reduction. Microneedling is much more affordable for the practitioner than most conventional laser, radiofrequency (RF) or plasma energy treatments, and can deliver comparable results to our observation. This is why you often hear it described as the ‘poor man’s laser,’ though I would consider it the ‘wise man’s laser.’”

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Reason Why Skin Wrinkles

Do you know why skin wrinkles? Here is some information and solution for it.
Skin losses elasticity due to many factors like stress, facial mannerisms, and harmful rays of the sun, loss of estrogen, and many more.
Here are few tips to reverse aging process
Skin laxity/ Titan it improves sagging and wrinkles by increasing collagen production and using heat to cause skin to contract and appear tighter. Infrared light and RF energy penetrate and heat skin tissues. The deep-tissue heat also boosts collagen production, which fills in wrinkles and firms sagging skin naturally. This kind of skin rejuvenation offers long-term benefits for firming sagging skin and wrinkles, with effects lasting as long as two years before needing maintenance.
Microneedling for Fine Lines and Wrinkles. Facial wrinkles, sun damage, and thinning skin are mainly caused by the loss of collagen and elastin.
Premature Skin Aging. This is exactly similar to treating wrinkles, Scars. Treating scars is the most popular topic.
Dermaplaning give skin an immediate exfoliation for a luminous glow. The benefits are dewy skin, faster cell turnover, and a smoother texture. Physicians might recommend dermaplaning to anyone who is about to undergo a laser treatment or deep chemical peel, to allow the products to penetrate more deeply into the skin. Plus, the light “shaving” motion gets rid of light facial hairs while it exfoliates.
Discoloration: IPL (intense pulsed light) and radio frequency device with microdermabrasion facials. The light/RF energy treatments focus on and lighten pigments in the skin like sun spots and age spots
Chemical peels and dermabrasion gradually removes these imperfections. It acts by exfoliating the surface skin area with a chemical agent. It results in a bright and glowing complexion that many want to have. Be sure to have it done in a reputable clinic to get favorable results.
FotoFacial/ Genesis evens out skin color, decrease pores size and fine lines
Botox injections are a good choice. Apparently, It t
Miconeedling/radiofrequency is the new in thing. It effectively lifts sagging skin, improves the appearance of wrinkles and reduces lines for a more youthful look. It makes use of ultrasound energy and delivers it to the skin which stimulates collagen production. That, in turn, causes the skin to tighten.